Students Realize Mathematics Is Everywhere!

  • Students Realize Mathematics Is Everywhere!

    Stephanie Berry
    A project that helps students to realize the significance of mathematics in their daily lives and to explore mathematical concepts and skills through literature.
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    Gigi Carunungan - 1/25/2021 1:20:43 PM

    This project is a daring and powerful approach that uses personal stories, students as authors, and peer-to-peer learning as the context for math learning. Taking-off from students' daily experiences as the material for stories and math learning to develop a mindset that "math is everywhere" and in "every day of students' lives" is an effective strategy that builds upon students' unique and collective background knowledge.

    Taking the classroom project into Barnes and Noble brings math to the community bookstore, where students see the real possibility of becoming authors. Kudos to the manager of Barnes and Noble in this community for having the openness to provide 5th-grade students an amazing opportunity to experience what real-world authors feel when they see their books on bookstore shelves.

    Inviting parents to participate makes learning truly visible and connected to the community. 


    Gigi Carunungan