A Pleasure to Measure! Tasks for Teaching Measurement in the Elementary Grades

  • A Pleasure to Measure! Tasks for Teaching Measurement in the Elementary Grades

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    By Jeffrey Barrett, Craig Cullen, Diana Behnke, and David Klanderman

    Measurement is paired with data as a fundamental domain of K–grade 5 mathematics in the Common Core State Standards, and it is one of five core content areas in NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. This book presents lively activities that dovetail with standards and research-based stages of development to support students’ steady growth of understanding of measurement.

    With individual chapters for kindergarten through grade 5, A Pleasure to Measure includes 65 classroom-ready activities on measurement, along with a summary of learning goals, connections to children’s literature,  and ideas for extending beyond the activities.

    In each chapter, the authors provide—

    • a collection of activities for a single level—kindergarten–grade 5;
    • a summary of level-specific measurement goals and learning trajectory stages; and
    • a table that matches activities with standards and learning stages.

    A Pleasure to Measure will enable you to select activities quickly, easily, and confidently to target the content that your students are ready to learn. You’ll find everything that you need in the six E’s that the authors detail for each activity—Essentials, Engage, Explore, Expect, Extend, and Enrich.

    About the Authors

    Jeffrey Barrett is a professor of mathematics education at Illinois State University, where he teaches future elementary and middle school teachers. He focuses his research on children’s ways of coordinating both number and space as they learn mathematics. 

    Craig Cullen is an associate professor at Illinois State University and works with future high school mathematics teachers. His research interests focus on children’s understanding of measurement and the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

    Diana Behnke is a retired teacher from McLean County Unit District No. 5 in Normal, Illinois. In her 36 years of teaching first graders, she used children’s literature whenever possible to enhance her lessons.  

    David Klanderman is a professor of mathematics at Trinity Christian College and teaches a wide variety of math content and methods courses. He helped to establish a Math Teachers’ Circle for middle school math teachers in the southwest Chicago suburbs.

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