Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2016: Mathematical Modeling

  • Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2016: Mathematical Modeling

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    Edited by Christian R. Hirsch and Amy Roth McDuffie

    Employing Mathematical Modeling to Engage Students at All Levels

    Mathematical modeling plays an increasingly important role both in real-life applications—in engineering, business, the social sciences, climate study, advanced design, and more—and within mathematics education itself. This 2016 volume of Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (APME) focuses on this key topic from a wide variety of perspectives and distinguishes it from modeling mathematics. The book’s 25 chapters are grouped into seven sections:

    • Understanding Models and Modeling
    • Using Models to Represent Mathematics
    • Teaching and Learning about Mathematical Modeling
    • Mathematical Modeling as a Vehicle for STEM Learning
    • Designing Modeling-Oriented Tasks and Curricula
    • Assessing Mathematical Modeling
    • Supporting Teachers’ Learning about Mathematical Modeling

    Written by leading mathematics educators, mathematicians, and researchers, the chapters in this volume include reflections on the meaning and practice of modeling, case studies, research observations, and proven strategies for implementation in the classroom and in teacher education. With its thorough consideration of this essential subject, this year’s volume of APME supports educators at all levels as they incorporate modeling in their instructional practice to improve the learning of mathematics and its applications for all students.

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