Developing Essential Understanding of Geometry and Measurement for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3–5 (Download)

  • Developing Essential Understanding of Geometry and Measurement for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3–5 (Download)

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    By Richard Lehrer and Hannah Slovin; Barbara J. Dougherty, Volume Editor; Rose Mary Zbiek, Series Editor, Essential Understanding Series

    How can you introduce terms from geometry and measurement so that your students’ vocabulary will enhance their understanding of concepts and definitions? What can you say to clarify the thinking of a student who claims that perimeter is always an even number? How does knowing what changes or stays the same when shapes are transformed help you support and extend your students’ understanding of shapes and the space that they occupy?

    How much do you know … and how much do you need to know?

    Helping your students develop a robust understanding of geometry and measurement requires that you understand fundamental statistical concepts deeply. But what does that mean?

    This book focuses on essential knowledge for mathematics teachers about geometry and measurement. It is organized around three big ideas, supported by multiple smaller, interconnected ideas—essential understandings. Taking you beyond a simple introduction to geometry and measurement, the book will broaden and deepen your understanding of one of the most challenging topics for students—and teachers. It will help you engage your students, anticipate their perplexities, avoid pitfalls, and dispel misconceptions. You will also learn to develop appropriate tasks, techniques, and tools for assessing students’ understanding of the topic.

    Focus on the ideas that you need to understand thoroughly to teach confidently.

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