High-Yield Routines, Grades K-8 (Download)

  • High-Yield Routines, Grades K-8 (Download)

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    By Ann McCoy, Joann Barnett, Emily Combs

    Today's classrooms are full of routines. Although we often think of routines as being used for organization, routines can also be used to enhance instruction. In this book, the authors present seven easily implemented mathematical routines that may be used effectively at a variety of grade levels and with a variety of mathematical content. The book also includes ideas for infusing mathematics into the nonmathematical routines that take time away from instruction.

    Each chapter begins with classroom vignettes that provide a glimpse of how the routine might look as it is implemented in a variety of grade levels. A description of the routine and implementation strategies follow and the authors provide examples of student work from various grade levels for each of the routine, including examples of ways to assess student thinking by using the routines, and suggestions for adapting the routines. The book includes connections to the Common Core practice standards and focuses on creating opportunities for differentiated instruction.

    A highly useful book, written by seasoned mathematics educators, this book is a must-have for all elementary and middle school mathematics teachers.

    Praise forHigh-Yield Routines

    The easily implemented routines suggested in High-Yield Routines will provide teachers with opportunities to enhance the content knowledge and mathematical practices of their students. Classroom vignettes, from a variety of grade levels, illustrate how the routines may be used effectively across many grade levels and the student work included provides a picture of what teachers might expect from students. This book will prove to be a valuable resource for teachers both new and experienced.--Terry Goodman, Concordia College

    High-Yield Routines is a book that should be owned by all elementary and middle school mathematics teachers. It shows a quick and easy way to optimize precious classroom minutes, infusing mathematics into otherwise non-mathematical routines. The connections to the Common Core practice standards will help teachers address this important content throughout the day in ways that are unexpected but highly productive.--Rita Barger, University of Missouri-Kansas City

    High-Yield Routines describes several mathematical routines that will create opportunities for differentiated instruction to take place naturally with students. The routines described in the book allow each student to participate at his or her own level and to build upon existing knowledge to develop a deeper understanding of the content. The routines are easy to implement and classroom teachers at all grade levels will be able to utilize the routines to enhance the mathematics understanding of students.--Jami Smith, Archie Middle School

    About the Authors

    Ann McCoy is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of Central Missouri where she teaches mathematics content and methods courses for prospective elementary and middle school teachers. Prior to teaching at the university, she taught elementary and middle school mathematics for twenty-two years. She has been actively involved in numerous professional development projects for mathematics teachers.

    Joann Barnett is retired from the Ozark, MO, school district where she taught elementary and middle school mathematics for nearly thirty years. She is now an adjunct instructor for mathematics and mathematics education at Missouri State University and Ozarks Technical Community College. Over the past thirteen years, she has been involved with various state and federal grants to provide professional development for teachers.

    Emily Combs is in her fourteenth year as a middle school mathematics teacher at Clinton Middle School, Clinton, MO. Over the past ten years she has participated in many professional development projects including her role as co-principal investigator of a Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant. She is interested in using learning trajectories to build accessible, mathematically rich lessons to deepen mathematics understanding smoothly across grade levels.

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