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  • Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World - Pk-8

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    By Johnny Lott, Carolyn Lott

    Around the World in 18 Math Lessons—An International Perspective on Mathematics

    Mathematics—the universal language—is the only language that all people share in the same way, regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Unlike other languages, math does not change according to location. Pi is still approximately 3.14159 no matter where you live, and 2 + 2 always equals four. Yet each culture brings its own unique perspective to teaching mathematics, providing teachers with fresh approaches to use with students.

    This unusual book features classroom-tested activities from around the world for students from prekindergarten through grade 8 and showcases concepts discussed in Korea at the most recent International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME), held in 2012. Activities were selected to exemplify a standard or guideline of a particular country, and where possible, those standards are noted along with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in the United States. The activities are organized by the age-level designation of the originating country as well as by content if there is more than one activity in a content area.

    Each activity sets the scene by country and classroom and includes mathematical content, a materials list, teacher notes, extensions, research notes with references, and activity sheets. Any variations on these features are based on student age. To keep the character of the country of origin, the editors retained native language in some instances, use of local currency and measures in others, and even symbolism and idiomatic language if the language was essential to the original meaning. The research notes place the mathematics topics in an international setting; some sources are in other languages.

    This extraordinary resource not only engages students with hands-on, Common Core–aligned activities but also allows them to experience math with an international perspective, proving that mathematics is truly universal.

    About the Authors

    Johnny W. Lott taught mathematics in grades 8–12 in Georgia and grades 6–12 in Pelican, Alaska. He is a coauthor of A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (12th edition) and several other books. He has written numerous articles and essays for Teaching Children MathematicsMathematics TeacherStudent Math Notes, and Mathematics Education Dialogues, and he served as the project manager for NCTM’s Figure This! website. Lott was NCTM president from 2002–2004 and is Professor Emeritus from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Montana. He was director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, professor of mathematics, and professor of education at the University of Mississippi. He is now retired and is currently on the Steering Committee of the Park City Mathematics Institute.

    Carolyn J. Lott is Professor Emerita from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Montana. She taught grades 9–12 in Georgia, Montana, and Alaska and was also a library media specialist. She is the coauthor of Ease into Writing, volumes I and II, as well as the author of numerous articles in English JournalThe ALAN ReviewSocial EducationThe Social StudiesSocial Studies and the Young Learner, and many National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) affiliate journals. Currently retired, Lott still reviews articles for English Journal. A frequent presenter at national and international meetings of NCTE, she served on the Executive Board, chaired the Orbis Pictus Committee, the Standing Committee of Affiliates, and several otherNCTE working groups. Lott was an active member of the Montana Library Association and the American Library Association.

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