Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World: Dazzling Us with Data, Grades PK-2 (Download)

  • Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World: Dazzling Us with Data, Grades PK-2 (Download)

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    How can we find answers to what we want to learn? Who can help us think about what to do or where to turn? Dr. Talithia Williams, that’s who! Before Dr. Williams became a powerful mathematician, she was a young girl with many interests, including math. Dazzling Us with Data shares parts of her early years—such as exploring the outdoors, working at the grocery store, and feeling daunted by being one of only a few Black girls in class—and how she applied math to these situations. In addition to learning about Dr. Williams, young readers will get excited about doing math thanks to the interesting questions and math problems throughout the book, and teachers and caregivers can use the discussion and activity prompts to engage young mathematicians in the classroom or at home. Dr. Williams is sure to inspire a new generation of mathematicians who change the world!

    Dazzling Us with Data is part of the Powerful Mathematicians who Changed the World book series

    Edited by Christa Jackson and illustrated by Estrella Bascuñan, the Powerful Mathematicians Who Changed the World book series centers on underrepresented mathematicians we do not typically hear or learn about in school. By reading the stories, you and your child will gain insight into the remarkable work of these mathematicians, learn about their mathematical contributions, and become more intrigued and see yourself more as learners and doers of mathematics.

    You and your child will see how mathematics helps us understand the world in which we live through these captivating stories. You will witness your own mathematical brilliance.

    This series will feature book for elementary, middle, and high school audiences.

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    Published 09/21/2023
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