The Formative Five: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom, Grades K-8

  • The Formative Five: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom, Grades K-8

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    Imagine how it would feel to not worry about how to plan, teach, and check for student mathematical understandings and related proficiencies. Imagine if this important process felt like a natural, everyday part of your lesson preparation instead of an extra thing to do. The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Technologies for Every Math Classroom shows the way.

    NCTM Past President Francis “Skip” Fennell and nationally recognized mathematics educators Beth McCord Kobett and Jonathan (Jon) Wray, offer proven assessment techniques—Observations, Interviews, “Show Me,” Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks— you can implement, every day. This palette of classroom-based techniques will truly help you assess learning and inform your teaching. 

    The Formative 5 gives you a concise, research-based, classroom-dedicated plan with lots of tools, activities, classroom vignettes, and student work to guide your daily use of these techniques. Kindergarten through grade 8 teachers of mathematics will learn to—

    • think and go beyond assessment of learning, focusing on assessment for learning;
    • directly connect assessment to planning and teaching;
    • engineer effective classroom questioning, discussions, and learning tasks;
    • provide success criteria and feedback that moves students forward;
    • integrate the Standards for Mathematical Practice; and
    • activate student self-assessors who take ownership of their learning.

    Includes a book study guide, tools and templates, and a companion website with downloadable materials and multimedia examples of student discussion in the classroom. The Formative 5 will help you build your mathematics-related formative assessment capacity through daily use of these five key techniques, leading to regularly monitored and improved learning opportunities for your students.

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