Core Math Tools

  • Core Math Tools is a downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, and statistics and probability. The tools are appropriate for use with any high school mathematics curriculum and compatible with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in terms of content and mathematical practices. Java required. Note: Tools are not optimized for mobile devices.

    General Purpose Tools
    CAS, Spreadsheet, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Simulation
    Custom Apps
    Focused explorations of specific topics
    Advanced Apps
    Focused explorations of advanced topics 
    Sample Lessons
    Problem-based lessons that employ Core Math Tools  
    Data Sets
    Wealth of data sets organized by data type  
    How-To Pages
    Help, hints and steps to do basic tasks  

    Use by Teachers and Students

    Core Math Tools can be saved on a computer or USB drive, making it possible to use without Internet access.  Files can be saved and reloaded by students and teachers. Its portability allows easy access for students, teachers and parents outside the classroom. Core Math Tools will automatically check for updates when launched and Internet access is available.

    Core Math Tools Conference Sessions

    2013 Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium at the AMTE Conference 

    • Core Math Tools and Its Affordances for Teacher Educators and for Prospective Teachers 
      Download Session Powerpoint (PDF)
      Presenters: Christian Hirsch, Pat Hopfensperger, Gary Martin, and Rose Zbiek
      In this symposium, the presenters provide an overview of the features of NCTM's Core Math Tools, together with three perspectives on its use with prospective secondary school mathematics teachers.

    2012 NCTM Regional Conference in Chicago 

    • Mathematical Modeling: The Core of the Common Core State Standards 
      Download Session PowerPoint (PDF)
      Lead Speaker: Christian Hirsch 
      As a CCSSM content standard and a standard for mathematical practice, mathematical modeling affords a rich opportunity around which to develop and unify the mathematical content of the high school conceptual categories and related mathematical practices. We will examine several illustrative modeling tasks in terms of teaching and learning.

    2012 NCTM Regional Conference in Dallas  

    • Core Math Tools: Supporting Inquiry, Conceptual Understanding, and Problem Solving   
      Lead Speaker: Christian Hirsch
      In this interactive session, we will illustrate features of NCTM's new open source software tools as we make sense of, and solve, problems in context.

    • High School Student Reasoning with Support of Core Math Tools 
      Lead Speaker: Henry S. Kepner
      Participants will engage in exemplary lessons designed to explore and reason mathematically with the support of mathematical software tools. We will focus on student reasoning, conjecturing, and justification opportunities using NCTM’s new Core Math Tools, downloadable to any computer. Bring a laptop, load, and reason mathematically.

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