2022 Los Angeles

  • Highlights from NCTM 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition     

    Thank you to all that have attended the NCTM 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Los Angeles! A special thanks to our program committee, volunteers, speakers, exhibitors, and vendors who assisted in making this event a success. Together, we created a place for math educators across the region to build connections, learn from industry leaders, solve problems, and much more.

    Below are a few highlights from the event. 

    Many thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their generous support and recognition of mathematics teachers at this year's event.


    Trena Wilkerson, President Address
    Chip Heath, Opening Session Speaker
    Guinness World Records Attempt
    Nicole Joseph, Iris Carl Speaker
    Guinness World Records Attempt
    José Vilson, Closing Session Speaker
    Ignite Session

    Attendee Testimonials

    Thank you to all the speakers for making this such a memorable and impactful experience for so many of your peers. Here are just a few comments attendees had:

    It has been the most mind blowing and emotional conference I have been, and probably one of the top ones in the whole congress.

    Opened my eyes to something I had never imagined. I feel equipped to start bring math into my community.

    Amazing. So much engagement and conversation time with others.

    A lot of great resources and ways to communicate to students to foster growth mindset in students and teachers.

    Thank you to our program committee! 

    Program Committee

    Mike Flynn, Program Chair
    Flynn Education Inc., Massachusetts

    Kaneka Turner
    UnboundEd, North Carolina

    Dionne Aminata
    Math Trust LLC, California

    Tim Livingston
    Reynolds Elementary School, Texas

    Joanne Lee
    Consultant, New Jersey

    Marta Garcia
    Consultant, North Carolina

    Aleda Klassen
    Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Ontario, Canada

    Megan Kelley-Petersen
    University of Washington

    Sunil Singh
    Amplify, Ontario, Canada

    Claudine Margolis
    University of Michigan

    Lachanda Garrison
    DoDEA, Manama, Bahrain

    Mario Valdez
    Burton Schools, California

    José Vilson
    JHS Inwood School, New York 

    Host Affiliate Liaison

    Carol Treglio, President
    California Mathematics Council, Southern Section