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  • The guides in this section demonstrate how to use selected NCTM journal articles and publications in the professional development of teachers. 

    Guides include goals, activities, and questions to integrate NCTM resources into professional development. Additional resources on the core topics are provided and tips on using any article in teacher professional development are also available.


    Guides are developed by NCTM's Professional Development Services Committee.

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  • Featured Professional Development Guides

    Ronald Preston, Amanda Garner

    Advantages and disadvantages of different mathematical representations are developed for teachers and applied through a rich task to engage students in higher level activities.

    Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
    P. Taylor, Ken Simms, Ok-Kyeong Kim, Robert Reys

    Teachers examine their own understandings of the metric system and reflect on its use in the United States.  Classroom activities built around the strengths of the system are developed.

    Teaching Children Mathematics
    Jennifer Suh, Christopher Johnston, and Joshua Douds
    Collaborative design of technology-enhanced mathematics lessons with the use of a structured planning guide provides teachers a framework for increasing mathematical thinking and enhancing the teaching and learning.
    Teaching Children Mathematics
    Manya Raman, Keith Weber
    Student’s intuitive sense making can be connected with formal proofs.  Strategies for impacting student understanding and ability to develop proofs are developed.
    Mathematics Teacher
    Barbara Reys, Jennifer Bay-Williams
    Compare and contrast lessons from two distinct textbooks along with your schools current curriculum using the Curriculum Principle. 
    Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School