Developing Data Graph Comprehension, third edition

  • Developing Data Graph Comprehension, third edition

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    By Frances Curcio

    30 Classroom-ready activities that emphasize exploration, investigation, reasoning, and communication in mathematics.

    Since the dawn of civilization, pictorial representations and symbols have been used to communicate simple statistics. Efficient and effective, they are still used today in the form of pictures and graphs to record and present data.

    Who can tie their shoes? How many calories are in your favorite food?

    Make data and graphs relevant and interesting to students with the help of Developing Data-Graph Comprehension in Grades K—8, Third Edition. This book offers teachers and teacher educators practical ideas for incorporating graph reading and quantitative literacy into instructional programs. Activities include objectives, vocabulary, materials, questions for discussion, and ideas for summarizing that are meant to guide students in data collection, representation, and interpretation.

    Help your students learn to process information from the Internet, television, newspapers, and magazines by giving them the ability to comprehend and interpret graphs, and show them that “A picture is worth ten thousand words.”

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