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    Algebra: Patterns, Functions, and Change Casebook

    The Patterns, Functions, and Change Casebook was developed as the key resource for participants’ Developing Mathematical Ideas seminar experience. The twenty-nine cases, written by teachers describing... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th, 6th to 8th, Pre K to 2nd $40.95
    Going beyond the Grade Book: Using Student Work to Guide Instruction (focus 4/19 TCM)

    These articles report on the use of student work in classrooms and professional communities to identify student progress toward learning goals; to plan how to address individual student’s needs;... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th $13.95
    Learning Trajectories for Teachers: Designing Effective Professional Development for Math Instruction

    This title helps teachers engage in instruction based on learning trajectories (LTs). read more.
    Publication $32.95
    Math That Matters: Targeted Assessment and Feedback for Grades 3 to 8

    This resource by popular professional developer Marian Small comprehensively addresses different mathematical domains for grades 3–8. Small shows new and veteran teachers how to do three fundamental things... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th, 6th to 8th $31.95
    Mathematical Misconceptions (focus 4/19 MT)

    Misconceptions in mathematics can take many forms and appear in many different areas, as attested to by the wide-ranging articles in this focus issue, exploring such topics as algebra 1, geometry, probability,... read more.
    Publication 6th to 8th, 9th to 12th $13.95
    Mathematical Thinking: From Assessment Items to Challenging Tasks

    This compilation of problem-based activities encourages students to engage in productive struggle and deep thinking. Its 36 full-length lessons for grades 2–8 are each inspired by an actual test item... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th, 6th to 8th, Pre K to 2nd $35.95
    Motivating Mathematics: Why Do You Do What You Do? (Special Focus Issue 5/19 MT)

    This last issue of Mathematics Teacher explores “Motivating Mathematics: Why Do You Do What You Do?” We hope that it will motivate you, the reader, to take these thoughts and apply them directly... read more.
    Publication 6th to 8th, 9th to 12th $13.95
    Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Number and Numeration PK-2

    What tasks can you offer—what questions can you ask—to determine what your students know or don’t know—and move them forward in their thinking?   This book focuses on the specialized pedagogical... read more.
    Publication Pre K to 2nd $36.95
    Step Into STEAM, Grades K-5: Your Standards-Based Action Plan for Deepening Mathematics and Science Learning

    Create meaningful and transformative K–5 STEAM learning experiences for each and every student. Make the most of your limited instructional time and become part of the Step into STEAM movement! Seamlessly... read more.
    Publication 3rd to 5th, Pre K to 2nd $32.95
    The 5 Practices in Practice: Successfully Orchestrating Mathematical Discussion in your Middle School Classroom

    Take a deeper dive into understanding the five practices—anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing, and connecting—for facilitating productive mathematical conversations in your middle school classrooms... read more.
    Publication 6th to 8th $32.95
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