Coin Box

  • Coin Box

    Grade: PreK to 2nd, 3rd to 5th

    Learn how to count, collect, exchange, and make change for coins. The coin tiles help you count as you learn the value of each coin. How many of the games can you master?

    This interactive is optimized for your desktop and tablet.




    There are 5 modes in this interactive:

    1. Count- The goal is to find the value of the coins.
    2. Collect- The goal is to collect the value indicated.
    3. Exchange- The goal is to exchange your coins to obtain the fewest coins possible.
    4. Change from Coins- The goal is to find the amount of change for $1.00, if what is owed is shown in the workspace.
    5. Change from Value- The goal is to find the amount of change for $1.00 for the value indicated.

    FeaturesCoinBox IMAGE Coin/CoinTileView

    For all games, you can start either in the coin or coin tile view. The view can be changed using the buttons in the lower right hand corner of the interactive. By default, games will start in the coin view.


    The blue toolbar at the top allows you to:

    • Change the mode of the game.
    • Enter in your answer.
    • Check your work.
    • Reset the current problem.
    • Move onto a new problem.

    Active Workspace

    • The workspace area is where you will do all the work to complete a problem.
    • You can add, remove, and move coins in this area.
    • In the coin tile view, there will be a coin box where you can arrange coin tiles to help you count the value. The darker 5×5 outlines allow for counting similar to a ten-frame.


    • The left bank allows you to add and remove coins to and from the active workspace.
    • The bank is also used in exchanging coins.
      • Use the green exchange button to change coins from the workspace for an equivalent group of coins.
    • Any number of coins may be moved to either area as long as the total of both halves are equal.


    Questions for Students

    1. What are some different ways you can break down a quarter?
    2. I am a coin that is worth 2 nickels. Can you name me?
    3. I paid for a 70¢ item with a $1 bill. What are the fewest coins I could have received in change?
    4. Is it easier to work with coin blocks or loose change?

    Objectives and Standards

    NCTM Standards and Expectations
    • Number and Operations
    • (+) Compose functions. For example, if T(y) is the temperature in the atmosphere as a function of height, and h(t) is the height of a weather balloon as a function of time, then T(h(t)) is the temperature at the location of the weather balloon as a function of time.
    • Pre-K - 2
    • 3-5
    • Number and Operations