Free Ride

  • Free Ride

    Grade: 6th to 8th, High School

    This applet allows you to vary the gear ratio of a bike. The distance traveled by a half-pedal is determined by the ratio of gears. Can you capture all five flags on a course?




    • In Free Ride mode, you can play with the gears and get a feel for the applet.
    • If you Choose Route or select Random Route, five flags will be placed on the course. Your goal is to land exactly on the locations of those five flags.

    How to Use

    • Choose a new front and back gear to change the gear ratio.
    • Click the pedal above the front gear to make the bike move forward. Click the pedal below the front gear to make the bike move backward.


    • How many different gear ratios are possible?
    • If you use two different gear ratios on consecutive pedals, what possible distances can you travel? How could this information help you in completing a route?

    Objectives and Standards

    NCTM Standards and Expectations
    • 6-8
    • High School (9-12)
    • Number and Operations