Getting Involved With Illuminations

  • Getting Involved With Illuminations

    Deeanna Golden

    Deeanna Golden, a teacher of 24 years at F.M. Golson Elementary School in Marianna, Florida, is a beloved Illuminations lesson plan writer. Her love of being a teacher stems from the belief that "kindergarten teachers have a unique responsibility to develop excitement for learning which will set the foundation for students' attitude towards school and learning." How true!

    Golden was encouraged by Linda Walker, a math consultant for her district, to apply for the 2010 NCTM Illuminations project. At the institute, she "wrote lessons for Illuminations and participated in exceptional professional development."

    Illuminations asked her, "Why do you think it is important to share resources?" Her answer:

    I believe it is essential to student achievement that educators share resources. We are each other's best resource for quality, proven resources. With new standards, it is essential that we share ideas so we can creatively challenge every student so they can exceed expectations.  

    My tip to other educators considering submitting a resource is to not hesitate. Everyone has something to offer. Consider taking a lesson that was a success in your classroom and sharing it through Illuminations. Teachers are always looking for better and more creative lessons to enhance their teaching. 

    My experience with Illuminations has opened doors for me to increase my professional development. Along with being a team leader, I have written lessons for CPALMS, which is Florida's official site for standards and resources. In addition, I have been a presenter for the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM), Chipola College's Future Educator Club, and for other teachers in my district. I also have an educational blog where I share ideas with other educators, and I enjoy sharing lessons and units on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

    Our school has 17 kindergarten classes, and I was given the opportunity to write math lessons that align with the Common Core standards. I provide complete lessons and activity sheets for our team of teachers on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed, and still to this day enjoy, the challenge of creating exciting, proven lessons that are building a solid foundation in math. I do not think I would have had the courage to do these things without my experience with NCTM.  

    What a moving and motivating response! So, Illuminations would now like to ask you, "What awesome resources do you have that deserve to be shared?" Earn the opportunity to become published by Illuminations today by submitting your resource to

    And while you're here, check out Golden's resources on Illuminations for pre-K-grade 2.

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