School Leaders Workshops

  • School Leaders Workshops


    • Diane Briars, NCTM Immediate Past President
    • John Carter, New Trier High School  

    Session 1  

    Guiding Principles to Support Effective Teaching and Learning: Assessment and Professionalism
    This session will provide a more in-depth look at assessment and professional learning in support of high-quality teaching and learning that develops all students’ proficiency in working with the content and practices identified in college- and career-readiness standards, including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). You will examine the characteristics of effective professional learning, including the essential role of collaborative teams, and specific ways to support teams in their learning. You will also begin to examine how assessment can effectively support both teachers’ and students’ learning.

    Session 2, 3 and 4

    Understanding and Supporting Teachers’ Enactment of the Effective Teaching Practices
    In these sessions, you will deepen your understanding of the eight effective teaching practices identified in Principles to Actions and learn how you can support teachers in effectively implementing these practices. You will analyze video clips and vignettes to identify key observational “look-fors,” and you will discuss effective strategies and policies for helping teachers make productive shifts in their instructional practices. You will also examine access and equity issues, including supporting teachers in developing classroom cultures that promote students’ growth mindsets and positive dispositions toward mathematics.

    Session 5

    From Principles to Actions: Planning Your Next Steps
    In this session, you will begin to create an action plan for using the effective teaching practices and guiding principles in Principles to Actions to improve mathematics teaching and learning in your school, including addressing access and equity issues. You will have an opportunity to receive feedback on the plan that you draft.