Orchestrating Productive Discussions in Mathematics Classrooms

  • Orchestrating Productive Discussions in Mathematics Classrooms (Grades 6-8)

    Description: This workshop will provide teachers with the five practices model of instruction that will make student-centered discussion in mathematics classrooms more manageable by moderating the degree of improvisation required by the teachers while supporting students’ engagement in tasks and classroom talk. By anticipating what students are likely to do when working on a task, monitoring students’ work during the lesson, selecting and sequencing student responses so as to highlight the mathematics, and connecting solutions to each other and to key mathematical ideas, discussions will be more productive and student learning will be better supported.

    Outcomes: The following questions will be addressed throughout the Institute generally and related to specific content:

    Participants will be able to -

    Recognize the difference between performance and learning goals and the ways in which learning goals can guide decision-making during a lesson

    Distinguish low-level and high-level tasks based on their characteristics and recognize the importance of orchestrating discussions around high-level rather than low-level tasks

    Learn the Five Practices model for orchestrating a productive discussion and see it’s potential for addressing many of the challenges they face in conducting discussions in their classrooms

    Understand how the model honors students’ contributions and growing authority and promotes the mathematics learning of the entire class

    Engage in planning for a discussion using the Five Practices model

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