Proactive Mathematics Coaching

  • Proactive Mathematics Coaching: Bridging Content, Context, and Practice

    Description: Advocating for equitable mathematics instruction that advances learning opportunities for all students is essential, but where to start? In this workshop, we share the Proactive Coaching Framework (PCF)—a tool that guides mathematics coaches’ and leaders’ goal setting in ways that advocate for research-informed practices and facilitate critical conversations about initiating, assessing, and sustaining change within schools. Participants will engage in multiple peer rehearsals (similar to role plays) based on realistic classroom vignettes centered on fraction concepts. This workshop supports the facilitation of teachers’ development of productive beliefs and establishment of new norms of instructional practice.

    Outcomes: Participants will –

    Understand coaches’ critical role of enhancing teacher capacity.

    Analyze the PCF, which recognizes a range of coaching contexts, focuses on math content, and empowers school communities to surmount obstacles.

    Explore the potential of the PCF’s guiding questions to purposefully bridge content and high-leverage practices through peer rehearsals.

    Enact a PCF cycle with peers to evaluate their context, define content focus, establish goals, select practices, and engage in a debrief that will inform their future actions.

    Develop a course of action using the PCF to support high-quality mathematics instruction specific to their context.

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