Teacher Professional Development Grants (Pre-K-5)

  • Deadline: Nov 01, 2019

    Teacher Professional Development Grants (Pre-K-5)

    Supported by the John Van de Walle Fund
    Grades: PreK-5

    Information on this and all of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust grants, scholarships, and awards can be found on our Grants page.



    Megan D. Richard Professional Development as an Agent of Change Attending the 2016 NCTM Regional Conference will enable me to improve in meeting the needs of the advanced students in my first grade class, and it will help me to use my classroom's SmartBoard and student technology station more effectively.


    Nicolle Marie Greene The Power of One: Building a Strong Math Community Begins with Me  My proposal focuses on strengthening my own practice and content knowledge as I begin to work towards a goal of mine to be certified as a math coach in my state. This grant opportunity will allow me to start this new e


    Crystal Steinmetz Teach Me More About Math! Teacher Professional Development at 2015 NCTM Conference The proposed activity will involve the applicant attending the 2015 NCTM Research Conference and Annual Meeting and Exposition during April 2015.  The applicant will then apply the new learning gained fro


    Janet Anne McLain Summer Math for Teachers - Developing Mathematical Ideas-Building a System of Tens The Common Core State Standards start in Kindergarten focusing on the understanding of our system of tens and the relationships that occur within this system. (K.NBT.1) "Developing Mathematical Ideas-Buil


    Nicholas J. Mack Kindergarten Calculus   Through the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI), I am deepening my understanding of mathematics and school leadership by pursuing a mathematics degree. This grant will allow me to take two courses that will directly impact my understanding of mathematics.