Douglas A. Grouws

  • 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Douglas A. Grouws

    Columbia, Missouri

    Douglas Grouws is internationally known for his research on teaching and instructional designs and his work in teacher education.
    He participated in the groundbreaking Missouri Mathematics Effectiveness Project with Thomas L. Good and Howard Ebmeier. This was one of the first scientific studies of the relationship between teacher behavior and students' mathematical learning.

    In 1992, Grouws edited the Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning, which is recognized as the definitive reference on research findings and has been a textbook for many graduate courses.

    Grouws has also served NCTM as editor of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education monograph series, and as a member of NCTM's Research Committee, Nominations and Elections Committee, and Annual Meeting Committee. He also participated in the NCTM Research Agenda Project, editing its influential conference report, Perspectives on Research on Effective Mathematics Teaching. He has served on an evaluation committee of the National Academy of Science, as treasurer of the AERA special interest group for research in mathematics education, and is a recent member of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board.

    At the time of this writing, Grouws is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he was named William T. Kemper Fellow for Outstanding Teaching.