F. Joe Crosswhite

  • 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    F. Joe Crosswhite

    Springfield, Missouri 

    As NCTM president (1984-86), F. Joe Crosswhite championed the need for standards for school mathematics despite widespread skepticism outside of NCTM and tough financial times. He persevered and oversaw the approval of the basic design and initial financing for what became the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics.

    Crosswhite recalls, "We bucked the trend at the time. People couldn't separate the notion of national leadership from the specter of national control. But we showed that it was possible."

    Crosswhite also contributed to mathematics education as a teacher at both high school and university levels. Outside of the classroom, Crosswhite worked extensively on the influential Second International Mathematics and Science Study in 1982-83. He played a seminal role in the development of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board and chaired the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. At NCTM, he retired early from Ohio State University to dedicate full time to his role as NCTM president. He also served on the NCTM Board of Directors and on numerous NCTM committees.