Franklin D. Demana

  • 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Franklin D. Demana

    Westerville, Ohio
    Frank Demana is a professor emeritus of mathematics at Ohio State University. In addition to his significant contributions to the Ohio State University mathematics department, Demana, working jointly with his colleague and friend Bert Waits, had a profound effect on mathematics instruction on both a national and an international level. He developed specifications for graphic applications, first for personal computers, and then for handheld graphing calculators. In fact, his ideas inspired the introduction of special capabilities of the calculators themselves.

    Demana is a true giant in mathematics education. He has had a profound impact on the mathematics curriculum, especially high school precalculus and calculus. He has influenced how technology is designed and used to support the teaching and learning of mathematics. As a master team builder and collaborator, he has brought people together to solve problems in mathematics education through teacher professional development and annual international conferences.

    "For nearly three decades, I have seen Frank teach, lead, and serve; he is a rare gem," said one nominator." "He is a PhD in mathematics who has focused his career on helping students and teachers."

    Demana has taught in inner-city mathematics classrooms. His advocacy for the use of mathematical action software in the teaching and learning of mathematics is based on first-hand experience demonstrating that when used creatively, such technology can help learners understand and do mathematics.

    According to another nominator, "Several have written innovative curriculum. Few have gone into schools and taught it. Frank has. Frank has gone the extra mile. He has helped teachers see his vision and has created professional development opportunities to empower teachers to both reach their students in new and innovative ways and to become leaders themselves."

    Demana has published numerous articles in nationally recognized professional journals. He is a frequent speaker at state, national, and international meetings, as well as a consultant to mathematics departments throughout the United States and other countries. Demana is an active member of NCTM, the Mathematical Association of American, and the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.