L. Carey Bolster

  • 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    L. Carey Bolster

    Dunedin, Florida 

    L. Carey Bolster is a pioneer in combining video productions and online interactive communities to deliver professional development to K-12 mathematics teachers.

    In the 1990's, he broke new ground by creating MathLine Online Learning Communities-virtual seminars that enable teachers from all over the country to discuss the MathLine videos, to share teaching experiences, and to confer with renowned experts. In addition, he used video and the Web to highlight exemplary mathematics curricula as co-principal investigator of the Modeling Middle School Mathematics Project (MMM).

    Bolster also served as mathematics teacher, supervisor, and coordinator for the Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland. He coauthored several textbooks. And when NCTM's Principles and Standards was released in 2000, he secured funding through PBS to produce a video, Standards 2000: From Vision to Reality, to bring the Council's message to education professionals, parents, and politicians.

    During his career, Bolster also served as vice-president and president of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. He co-directed the State Institute for Leaders in Mathematics and Science sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Education Board.

    Today L. Carey Bolster is the co-principal investigator for the NSF-funded television series, Cyberchase, where he helps develop the program's mathematics content.