Stephen S. Willoughby

  • 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Stephen S. Willoughby

    Tucson, Arizona

    Stephen Willoughby is a well-respected mathematician in the research field. He assumed the presidency of NCTM in 1982 when the mathematics education community was coping with a public crisis. NCTM membership had declined, there was a teacher shortage across the nation, and public indifference toward mathematics was ubiquitous. Willoughby's determination and leadership helped to turn things around. During his administration at NCTM, he sought to recruit new members more aggressively, to encourage top mathematics students to enter the teaching profession, and to focus the nation's attention on mathematics education.

    His practice and expertise in the teaching profession led to three appointments within the departments of mathematics and education at the University of Wisconsin, New York University, and the University of Arizona. Throughout his career, Willoughby was the author of many mathematics education papers, including being the lead author of the Real Math textbook series. He also served as chair of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents.

    Willoughby earned a doctoral degree in education from Harvard University and also studied at Columbia University.