Connie L. Malueg(1)

  • 2012-13 Emerging Teacher-Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics Grants Recipient

    Connie L. Malueg

    Marion Elementary School, Marion, Wisconsin

    Math Recovery Intervention Specialist

    This proposal contains two primary objectives:
    1.To enhance the knowledge and abilities of the grant recipient to develop a thorough understanding of appropriate grade level benchmarks. This enhanced knowledge will be used to observe and coach classroom teachers based on a similar model used by reading coaches.
    2.Based on the greater knowledge of math concepts obtained through objective 1, the grant recipient will be able to provide teachers with appropriate assessments and skill level interventions. The coaching ability of the grant recipient for the classroom teachers will help advance low attaining students so they can be successful learners in a regular classroom environment. This evidence will be shown through increase scores on our triangulation data chart.