Judy L. Brown

  • 2011-12 Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas Grants (9-12) Recipient

    Judy L. Brown

    Dayton Regional STEM School, Beavercreek, Ohio

    "How Long Can a Rocket Stay in the Air" 

    Project-based learning is a very effective pedagogy for student learning and will be used to integrate the four core areas (mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts), make learning relevant, establish connections to "real life," and develop real world communication and collaboration skills.

    •The mathematics classes will use graphing calculators and motion detectors to investigate distance-time graphs, intervals, displacement, and velocity for a falling object as well as instantaneous and average velocity in the projectile motion of rockets.
    •The science classes will design nosecones and fins for water propelled rockets and test them for aerodynamics using wind tunnels. They will build prototypes on a 3-D printer.
    •The language arts and social studies classes will design brochures and a business plan to market the product

    The six week integrated aerospace unit will end with presentations of learning to teachers, students, and engineers, and other business partners.