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    A Fresh Look at Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teaching (Download)

    Formative assessment is a powerful pedagogical tool that is frequently overlooked and often misunderstood. Mathematics teacher educators and professional development specialists will find that this book explicates the role of formative assessment in effective mathematics teaching and learning, what it looks like in practice, and how teachers can be assisted in developing the knowledge and skills needed for successful implementation.

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    Statistics: Modeling with Data Facilitators Package

      Statistics: Modeling with Data is one of the seven modules in the Developing Mathematical Ideas Series (DMI), a professional development curriculum designed to help teachers think through the major concepts of K–grade 8 mathematics and examine how children develop those ideas. The module consists of a casebook (sold separately) and an online facilitator’s package that contains everything necessary to prepare for and lead the seminar, including access to the casebook content and classroom videos. Under the guidance of the facilitator, participants investigate mathematics content, analyze cases in the casebook as well as recorded classroom lessons, and inquire into the understanding of their own students. Modeling with Data participants learn how to use data to model real-world contexts by collecting, representing, describing, and interpreting data. They also learn what various graphs and statistical measures show about features of the data, study how to summarize data when comparing groups, and consider whether the data provide insight into the questions that originally led to the data collection.             The focus on mathematics content supports participants’ understanding of students’ conceptual development, and encourages participants to try out new ideas with their students and receive feedback from seminar facilitators.  

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    Reasoning and Sense Making in the Mathematics Classroom: Grades 6-8 (Download)

    Based on extensive research, Reasoning and Sense Making in the Mathematics Classroom, Grades 6-8, is designed to help classroom teachers understand, monitor, and guide the development of students’ reasoning and sense making about core ideas in middle school mathematics. This book shows—through student work and classroom vignettes as well as instructional tasks—how instruction can support students in their development of reasoning and sense making. Fractions, algebraic reasoning, statistics and probability, and decomposing/composing geometric shapes are the specific content areas that this book targets.

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    Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom

    Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom presents a comprehensive systems approach to examining mathematics teaching. It synthesizes and illustrates current research on the essential elements of mathematics teaching and learning, unpacking each component—the classroom physical space, mathematical discourse, tasks, assessments, and families and communities—and providing concrete practical strategies and tools teachers can directly apply to their work. In addition, tips on using technology to assess and enhance learning are embedded throughout the book. Supplementary online teaching resources (math problem worksheets, conversational prompts, purposeful questions, videos, and so forth) can be accessed at NCTM’s More4U website. 

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    Access and Equity: Promoting High-Quality Mathematics in Grades 3-5

    This book examines the challenges related to access, equity, and empowerment faced by students making the critical transition into mathematics of the third through fifth grades. It will help teachers provide a challenging, effective mathematics education for each and every student and fully implement the Access and Equity Principle in NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All.

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