Using Appropriate Tools Strategically for Instruction

  • Using Appropriate Tools Strategically for Instruction

    Milan Sherman and Charity Cayton
    Students’ ability to use appropriate tools strategically is an important skill of mathematically proficientstudents (SMP 5, CCSSI 2010, p. 7). A parallel practice for teachers is using appropriate tools strategically for mathematics instruction. An important element of this practice is that the use of technology depends on the goals of instruction. A carpenter does not start with a hammer and then decides what to build. Rather, he starts with a goal in mind, such as a bookshelf, and chooses tools necessary to complete the project. Likewise, a teacher first considers mathematical goals and then decides which tools may be most effective in accomplishing them.
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    Samuel Otten - 4/18/2019 11:34:51 AM

    Excited to use this article in our Master's-level mathematics education course on the Standards for Mathematical Practice.