Inch by Inch, We Measure

  • Inch by Inch, We Measure

    Megan H. Wickstrom and Lindsay M. Jurczak
    Examine teaching strategies, students’ conceptions and visualizations of length units, and conservation of length as first graders explore the meaning of an inch in the context of a garden inchworm.
    “He’s called an inchworm because he’s an inch long!” exclaimed several excited first-grade students as they measured different paths that a worm could crawl through a garden. As a class, we had just read Inch by Inch (Lionni 1960), which tells the story of an inchworm that escapes from a hungry robin by proving he is useful for measuring. The inchworm measures many different objects, including a toucan’s beak, a flamingo’s neck, and a hummingbird. The concept of having the inchworm measure items helped us design a lesson that focused on exploring length measurement through examining the meaning of an inch.
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