Teaching and Learning Mathematics with the Common Core

  • NCTM and The Hunt Institute have produced a series of videos to enhance understanding of the mathematics that students need to succeed in college, life, and careers. Beginning in the primary grades, the videos address the importance of developing a solid foundation for algebra, as well as laying the groundwork for calculus and other postsecondary mathematics coursework. The series also covers the Standards for Mathematical Practice elaborated in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and examines why developing conceptual understanding requires a different approach to teaching and learning.

    Building Conceptual Understanding for Mathematics

    Mathematics in the Early Grades

    Developing Mathematical Skills in Upper Elementary Grades

    Mathematical Foundations for Success in Algebra

    Preparation for Higher Level Mathematics

    Standards for Mathematical Practice

    Parents Supporting Mathematics Learning

    Conversations about K-12 Mathematics Education

    Dr. Diane Briars
    President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2014-2016)

    Dr. Solomon Friedberg
    James P. McIntyre Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Mathematics Department, Boston College