Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2018

  • Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2018

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    Edited by Imani Goffney and Rochelle Gutiérrez

    Placing Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Students at the Center of Mathematics Education 

    Mathematics education will never truly improve until it adequately addresses those students whom the system has most failed. The 2018 volume of Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education(APME)series showcases the efforts of classroom teachers, school counselors and administrators, teacher educators, and education researchers to ensure mathematics teaching and learning is a humane, positive, and powerful experience for students who are Black, Indigenous, and/or Latinx. The book's chapters are grouped into three sections:

    • Attending to Students' Identities through Learning

    • Professional Development That Embraces Community

    • Principles for Teaching and Teacher Identity

    To turn our schools into places where children who are Indigenous, Black, and Latinx can thrive, we need to rehumanize our teaching practices. The chapters in this volume describe a variety of initiatives that work to place these often marginalized students-and their identities, backgrounds, challenges, and aspirations-at the center of mathematics teaching and learning. We meet teachers who listen to and learn from their students as they work together to reverse those dehumanizing practices found in traditional mathematics education. With these examples as inspiration, this volume opens a conversation on what mathematics educators can do to enable Latinx, Black, and Indigenous students to build on their strengths and fulfill their promise.

    ABOUT Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (APME)

    NCTM's flagship series is designed to provide a range of perspectives focused each year on a timely topic in mathematics education. APME takes on important subjects and issues, thoughtfully considered by a wide range of authors (including classroom teachers, university researchers, and occasionally educators outside of mathematics education), targeting a diverse audience that reflects NCTM's membership, and featuring chapters that span the pre-K-16 spectrum.


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