Focus in High School: Technology to Support Reasoning and Sense Making (Download)

  • Focus in High School: Technology to Support Reasoning and Sense Making (Download)

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    By Thomas Dick, Karen Hollebrands

    Reasoning and sense making are at the heart of the high school curriculum and are essential to student’s future success. This volume is one of a series of books that support NCTM’s Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making by providing additional guidance for ensuring that reasoning and sense making are part of the mathematics experiences of all high school students every day.

    The authors examine key elements of technology for mathematics teaching and the use of technology as a tool for developing understanding. Through numerous examples and figures the authors demonstrate how technology can greatly enhance classroom mathematical lessons and increase students’ application of reasoning and sense making.

    The use of technology to assist and advance students’ efforts to reason and make sense of mathematics in grades 9-12 must be a high priority for school mathematics. This book offers a blueprint for using technology to support reasoning and sense making in the high school curriculum.

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