Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work

  • Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work

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    ISBN # 978-1-94387-434-7
    Published 03/30/2018
    Pages 136
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    By Timothy D. Kanold, Mona Toncheff, Matthew R. Larson, Bill Barnes, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Sarah Schuhl


    Build a mathematics teaching community that promotes learning for K–12 educators and students. This user-friendly resource is divided into two parts, each covering a key team action for mathematics in a PLC at Work™. First you’ll discover how to coach highly effective mathematics teams within your professional learning community. Then you’ll learn how to utilize collaboration and lesson-design elements within your math curriculum for teacher team reflection, data analysis, and action.


    Learn to lead math teacher teams and foster effective collaborative teaching strategies:


      • Build a collaborative math learning culture that engages and promotes learning for students and staff members.

          • Optimize coaching and foster equity and belonging to encourage collaboration.

              • Engage in mathematics lesson study to help teams learn from one another and reflect on effective strategies in teaching mathematics.

                  • Develop norms, SMART goals for teachers, agendas, and a plan for working effectively as a collaborative team in a PLC at Work™.