Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics

  • Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-663-9
    Published 03/01/2012
    Pages 100
    Grades 9th to 12th

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    By Ilana Horn

    Students who work together, succeed together. Isn’t that every teacher’s goal?

    • Use group work effectively to create a learning environment in the secondary mathematics classroom 
    • Learn how students experience learning mathematics in collaborative settings 
    • Develop tasks, concepts, strategies, and tools that create successful group work and reach students of all abilities 
    Written by a seasoned teacher, researcher and teacher educator with over two decades of teaching experience, the goal of this book is to support teachers in developing tools for effective group work in their secondary mathematics classrooms. Effective group work engages children’s own thinking and allows them to work together to understand a concept. It can also address problems that often arise in typical mathematics instruction by providing a framework for teachers to create engaging learning environments. The book outlines ways to choose tasks, help students adjust to new ways of approaching schoolwork, and discusses the types of status problems that can impede the most earnest attempts at collaborative learning. This practical, useful book introduces tested tools and concepts for creating equitable collaborative learning environments that supports all students and develops confidence in their mathematical ability.


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