Smarter Together! Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Math Classroom

  • Smarter Together! Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Math Classroom

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    By Helen Featherstone, Sandra Crespo, Lisa Jilk, Joy Oslund, Amy Parks, Marcy Wood 

    "In this beautifully written book the authors, who combine many years of wisdom as teachers and teacher educators, explain an approach to teaching that results in students working equitably, achieving at high levels and loving math. They explain the approach clearly and engagingly. The authors give us lots of specific teaching ideas, we hear from different students who have benefited from the approach, and we hear wonderful ideas about teaching and learning that explain why children need this approach. Every elementary teacher - indeed every teacher of math - should read this book to start their students on a mathematical path that will bring them enjoyment and understanding."
    Jo Boaler, Professor Mathematics Education, Stanford University

    One of the boys in the group responded, “That’s so smart! That’s so smart! That’s what we should do!” Complex Instruction (CI) is a response to the paradox that group work offers much potential but often creates circumstances where few students seem to learn. CI is a set of ideas and strategies that address the problems that confound group work, but that create powerful learning for children. This book offers guidance to readers on how to use these strategies and ideas. The authors describe the lessons they learned using group work, explain how complex instruction helps unsuccessful students, and analyze how to design assignments that support group learning—using group-worthy tasks—giving readers examples of good tasks and help in adapting math problems from their own curricula.

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    ISBN # 978-0-87353-656-1
    Published 10/04/2011
    Pages 147
    Grades 3rd to 5th
    Pre K to 2nd