Beyond Good Teaching: Advancing Mathematics Education for ELLs

  • Beyond Good Teaching: Advancing Mathematics Education for ELLs

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    By Nora Ramirez, Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis

    Many languages, many cultures, one goal—high-quality mathematics education…

    English language learners share a basic need—to engage, and be engaged, in meaningful mathematics. Through guiding principles and instructional tools, together with classroom vignettes and video clips, this book shows how to go beyond good teaching to support ELLs in learning challenging mathematics while developing language skill.

    Position your students to share the valuable knowledge that they bring to the classroom as they actively build and communicate their understanding.

    The design of this book is interactive and requires the reader to move back and forth between the chapters and online resources at Occasionally, the reader is asked to stop and reflect before reading further in a chapter. At other times, the reader is asked to view video clips of teaching practices for ELLs or to refer to graphic organizers, observation and analysis protocols, links to resources, and other supplementary materials. The authors encourage the reader to use this resource in professional development.

    About the authors:

    Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis is an associate professor of bilingual and mathematics education at the University of New Mexico, where she prepares elementary preservice bilingual/ESL teachers to teach mathematics and also teaches graduate courses in bilingual education. Her research focuses on linguistic and cultural influences on the teaching and learning of mathematics, particularly with ELLs. She was a co–principal investigator of the NSF-funded Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA), and she approaches the book from the personal perspective of a former English language learner.

    Nora G. Ramirez is a consultant working with educators in rural, urban, and suburban school districts. She taught middle school and high school mathematics before working at Arizona State University and Maricopa Community Colleges as a professional developer, mathematics specialist, and principal investigator for several NSF-funded projects. A founding member and past president of TODOS: Mathematics for ALL and a past member of the NCTM Board of Directors, she focuses on promoting equity, conceptual understanding, teaching ELLs, and making instructional decisions based on research findings and student thinking.

    "The road between research and practice is a two-way street that must be traversed persistently by classroom teachers and their counterparts in higher education. In this book, this road is well traveled, and strong connections are made among students, teachers, culture, and community. A most worthwhile addition to our field!"
    Miriam A. Leiva, founding president, TODOS: Mathematics for ALL; Bonnie E. Cone Distinguished Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

    "To improve the mathematics proficiency of all students, instruction must address the needs of those who are not native speakers of English. This book is a valuable resource, offering fresh insights and useful approaches from classroom teachers and university researchers."Ed Silver, dean, School of Education, University of Michigan-Dearborn

    "Having had varied experiences in teaching mathematics to ELLs, I am delighted that this book bridges effective classroom practices and the results emerging from research. Researchers and practitioners come together, presenting compelling, real contexts where specific research-based strategies have been successfully implemented."Gilbert Cuevas, professor, Department of Mathematics, Texas State University-San Marcos

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