Cowboys Count, Monkeys Measure, and Princesses Problem Solve

  • Cowboys Count, Monkeys Measure, and Princesses Problem Solve

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    "Powerfully affirmative to teachers who may feel less comfortable teaching math than reading . . . equally appealing to teachers who are math gurus and those who are less confident in their math skills."—Sally Moomaw, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati

    Ready for any educator to pick up and start using, this concise book gives teachers the guidance they need to find high-quality storybooks on their own bookshelf, read them to children effectively, and develop age-appropriate math problems based on the story's plot, characters, setting, and illustrations. This creative, field-tested approach to math instruction is a must in every classroom.

    Teachers will implement the ideas in this book right away with a helpful list of more than 40 popular storybooks for teaching math and grade-specific sample lessons that model higher-level questions and problem-solving activities. And with the blank lesson template, teachers can develop their own math activities and units based on the storybooks of their choice.

    The ideal way to meet high-stakes standards for math education without investing significant resources in additional curricula, this guidebook will help educators teach math with confidence and lay the foundation for their students' long-term success.

    Copublished with Paul H. Brookes Publishing

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    Published 09/19/2011
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