The Learning of Mathematics, 69th Yearbook 2007 (PDF Downloads)

  • The Learning of Mathematics, 69th Yearbook 2007 (PDF Downloads)

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    This PDF file presents the full text of The Learning of Mathematics, 69th Yearbook (2007) in a downloadable file that preserves the design and layout of the book while allowing users to search and print selected pages.

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    Learning mathematics is the central goal of mathematics education, yet it is the least frequently addressed of NCTM's Principles and Standards. With an increasing population of English language learners and the inclusion of students with learning disabilities into the regular mathematics classroom, how can all the differentiated needs be met in one classroom? What is the balance between focusing on developing concepts and memorization of certain facts and rules? The Learning of Mathematics, NCTM's sixty-ninth yearbook, furthers the discourse on learning with five main areas: how students learn, students' learning in school contexts, measuring and interpreting students' learning, teachers' learning of mathematics, and reflections on mathematics teaching and learning.