Uncomplicating Fractions to Meet Common Core Standards in Math, K-7

  • Uncomplicating Fractions to Meet Common Core Standards in Math, K-7

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    ISBN # 978-0-80775-485-6
    Published 12/01/2013
    Pages 144
    Grades 3rd to 5th
    6th to 8th
    Pre K to 2nd

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    By Marian Small

    The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics challenges students to become mathematical thinkers, not just mathematical “doers.” In her new resource, professional developer Marian Small shows teachers how to uncomplicate the teaching of fractions by focusing on the most important fraction ideas that students need to grasp. The book is organized by grade level beginning with Grade 1, where the first relevant standard is found in the geometry domain, and ending with Grade 7, where the focus is on operations with rational numbers and proportional thinking. In each section the relevant standard is presented, followed by a discussion of important underlying ideas associated with that standard, as well as some thoughtful, concept-based questions that can be used for classroom instruction, practice, or assessment. Underlying ideas include:

    • Background for the mathematics of the standard.
    • Suggestions for appropriate representations for those specific mathematical ideas, including equations, drawings, and manipulatives.
    • Suggestions for explaining ideas to students.
    • Cautions about misconceptions or situations to avoid.

    This accessible book provides math teachers with support for differentiated instruction. Math coaches can use it to assist teachers with their transition to the Common Core State Standards. All teachers will find it helpful to see the mathematical fraction learning that precedes and follows the grades that they teach. It is also an excellent text for preservice teachers as they prepare themselves and their students to understand and teach math with a deep level of understanding.

    “Uncomplicating Fractions is a great resource that helps us understand how to teach and assess student learning of fractions! Marion Small truly ‘uncomplicates’ fractions by providing a resource that is practical and a must have for all math coaches and every K–7 teacher.”—Ruth Harbin Miles, Board of Directors, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Mary Baldwin College Instructor

    “At all levels, this book advocates conceptual as well as procedural understandings such as why rational numbers must have repeating or terminating decimal representations. Every section has good questions to ask and grade-level summaries that provide excellent tools to help teachers recognize new ideas introduced at each grade level. I recommend this book for everyone teaching fractions.”—Carol Findell, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Education, Boston University

    About the author:Marian Small is the former Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick and longtime professor of mathematics education. Visit her website at http://www.onetwoinfinity.ca for in-person and online professional development.

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    Copublished with Teachers College Press