Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grant (6-8)

  • Deadline: Nov 01, 2019

    Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grant (6-8)

    Supported by the Veryl Schult-Ellen Hocking Fund 


    Grades: 6-8

    Information on this and all of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust grants, scholarships, and awards can be found on our Grants page.



    Kathy Wahlstrom Packing & Shipping: All Shapes and Sizes! I am mathematics teacher at Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy in Boston.  The Academy has an enrollment of more than 1,250 students at four campuses in the inner-city neighborhoods of Dorchester and Mattapan in Boston.  That makes the Academy


    Monique A. Carter Getting Our Hands on Geometry and Design This project will enable me to cover areas that our current math curriculum shortchanges. The games, books, and manipulatives I am requesting will enhance 6th grade learning in geometry, visual and spatial thinking, and design, allowing students t


    Betsy Shipper Linking Mathematics to the Real World Students' understanding of mathematics will be empowered through the investigation of mathematics in the real world. This grant will incorporate the use of literature, manipulatives, and DVDs to enable students to connect the mathematics they are learni


    Wendy S. Grimshaw Students Take Measure: Explorations Along the Appalachian Trail   Thirty-five miles of the Appalachian Trail meander through Botetourt County, Virginia, yet relatively few students enrolled in the public school system have ventured upon this national treasure. By putting learning

    Neville E. McFarlane Make a Solar-Powered Water Fountain!   Making mathematical connections to other disciplines has become an increasingly important instructional strategy for teaching middle school (grades 6-8) students at the New Birth Christian Academy. As a middle school math teacher and a fir


    Kevin A. Corwin Helping Students Understand Fractions, Fraction Operations, and Fraction Uses The overall goal of this grant is to help students become successful working with fractions and their operations. I find that in middle school fractions is one of the most difficult concepts for students to und

    Mary E. Jones Let's Get Coordinated! This plan proposes the permanent, professional installation of a 20 by 30 foot tiled Cartesian coordinate plane within the confines of the Commons Area of Southeast Bulloch Middle School. This coordinate plane will be available for the hands-on instruction of sixth,