Daniel Imaizumi

  • 2011-12 7-12 Classroom Research Grants Recipient

    Daniel Imaizumi

    Welsh Valley Middle School, Narberth, Pennsylvania

    Using Adaptive Software in Math Support Classes to Boost Achievement

    Daniel Imaizumi collaborating with Kristie Newton, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The primary goal of this project is to close the achievement gap, using a novel integrated technology approach. It is aimed at supplementary math support classes at Welsh Valley Middle School, in which minorities are disproportionately represented.  In this project, we posit that the implementation of adaptive software will help these students succeed in measurable ways.  The custom-made software will be a solution to employing highly recommended but time-inefficient practices for developing skills among individuals with vastly varying capabilities.  Its unique characteristics proposed here also makes it a novel alternative to existing software.  Comparing to a control group of their peers, we will measure these students' fluency development, improvements in their regular, inquiry-based math class, and changes in perceptions of their own math capabilities.