Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas Grants (9-12)

  • Deadline: Nov 01, 2019

    Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas Grants (9-12)

    Supported by the Theoni Pappas Fund 


    Grades: 9-12

    Information on this and all of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust grants, scholarships, and awards can be found on our Grants page.



    Laura J. Speer The Walton Outdoor STEM Workshop The Walton Outdoor STEM Workshop will enable our instructors to consistently create meaningful, memorable student experiences that truly "connect mathematics to other subject areas".  This workshop provides students and teachers, in all subject areas, acces


    Judy L. Brown "How Long Can a Rocket Stay in the Air"  Project-based learning is a very effective pedagogy for student learning and will be used to integrate the four core areas (mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts), make learning relevant, establish connections to "real life," and d


    Marizza A. Bailey Rigor, Relevance and Robots  Research shows that some students need practical applications to help motivate them to learn abstract concepts. By relating mathematics to the fields of engineering and computer programming, students will learn how the mathematics they are learning will hel