Surveying Current Research on Young Children’s Mathematical Learning

  • Surveying Current Research on Young Children’s Mathematical Learning

    Reviewed by Amanda L. Miller and Jeffrey E. Barrett, Illinois State University
    A book review of Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning, edited by Lyn D. English and Joanne T. Mulligan.
    In Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning, editors Lyn English and Joanne Mulligan present a widely varying collection of research and initiatives within the field of early mathematics education research, providing a thoughtful argument for further investment and work in this developing field of study. Among the diverse contributions to this volume, the editors have included (a) a narration of how the historical development of research in sociology, philosophy of education, mathematics, and the sciences contributes to the present perspectives and theoretical orientation of early childhood researchers, (b) a report of the use of iPad technology that provides interactive instruction for young children learning about number, and (c) a survey of several professional development programs that emphasize young learners’ awareness of structure in mathematical settings. The collection of research reported here provides a lively engagement with some important topics in early mathematics education research. One challenge for an edited collection of reports from a given field is organizing it along themes in a sequence that helps the reader understand the trends and issues. Rather than reading the book from cover to cover, we suggest reading groups of chapters identified by theme.