• Vol. 24, No. 4, January 2018


    Enrique Ortiz

    It’s not magic. By color-coding different combinations of factors, students can learn to use this system to “guess” unknown, randomly selected integers and composites.

    Jennifer Collett, Maryl Gearhart, and Nicole Leveille Buchanan

    Use these techniques to elicit ideas and engage the class in reasoning and argumentation.

    Jen Munson

    Teachers can use these strategies to encourage students’ perseverance and authority in situations when confidence breaks down.


    Marta Kobiela, Kara J. Jackson, Annie Savard, and Emily Shahan

    Engage students of all grade levels in an activity with geometric objects.

    Angela T. Barlow

    The Getting to School task demonstrates students’ need to engage in three decision-making processes as means for authentic engagement in modeling.


    Nancy Burmeister, Rachel Elliott, Liza Weber, Nadine Whalen, Christina Sprader, and Kimberly White

    What prevents all students from having opportunities to engage in mathematical tasks? We identify each challenge, share instructors’ common frustrations, and offer strategies.


    Problem Solvers Problem
    Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger, Barbara A. Swartz, and Sararose D. Lynch
    Problem Solvers Solutions
    Michael Flynn and Walter Stark
    Math by the Month
    Luke Boes, Haley Stath, and Amber Simpson
    Mollie H. Appelgate and Constance Beecher
    Reviewing and Viewing
    Gwendolyn Lloyd