NCTM CAEP Reviewer Application

  • NCTM Trained CAEP Reviewers 

    Initial Training: NCTM offers training to prepare higher education experts to serve as reviewers of mathematics education program reports for CAEP. Qualifications and performance expectations are as follows: 

    • Current membership in NCTM
    • Degree in mathematics or mathematics education
    • Higher education faculty or administrators, graduate students, or state mathematics accreditation employees
    • Familiarity with and the application of NCTM CAEP Standards
    • Teaching or other experience related to P-12 mathematics education
    • Ability to make reasoned, unbiased professional judgments about mathematics teacher education programs based on their alignment with NCTM CAEP Standards
    • Commitment to completing reviews by specified deadlines
    • Participation in reviewer training updates
    • Confidentiality of information and results
    • Ability to work toward consensus in team deliberations

    reviewer application and curriculum vitae must be submitted and approved by the NCTM CAEP SPA Coordinator prior to participation in the training. After successful completion of the reviewer training, the names of trained reviewers are forwarded to CAEP to be added to the list of qualified program reviewers. CAEP is responsible for the program review process, including the assignment of reviewers to program reports.

    NCTM CAEP initial reviewer training occurs online twice each year (depending upon demand) prior to the fall and spring review cycles. Contact the NCTM CAEP SPA Coordinator for additional information. 

    Subsequent Training: NCTM CAEP Reviewer Polishing online sessions for experienced reviewers are offered multiple times prior to the fall and spring review cycles.