Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6–8

  • Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6–8

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    By Sarah Schuhl, Timothy D. Kanold, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Suyi Chuang, Matthew R. Larson, and Mignon Smith
    Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6-8 provides grades 6-8 mathematics teachers a framework for collectively planning a unit of study. As part of the Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work® series, the book helps teams identify what students need to know by the end of each unit and how to build student self-efficacy. It advocates the PLC at Work process for increasing mathematics achievement; and as teams answer the four critical questions of a PLC, they provide students with a more equitable learning experience. The authors share tools and protocols for effectively performing collaborative tasks, such as unwrapping standards, generating unit calendars, determining academic vocabulary, using and sharing self-reflections, and designing robust units. By reading Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6-8, teachers will receive practical insight into collaborative planning and will observe inspiring detailed models of this work in action.

    Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work, Grades 6-8 is divided into two parts. Part 1 consists of chapters 1-2 and uses seven planning elements to address how teachers build a shared understanding of the content that students need to know in each grade level. Chapter 1 identifies the mathematics concepts and skills students need to know in grades 6-8. Chapter 2 provides templates and tools for unit planning and describes how teams can successfully incorporate each unit-planning element into their unit designs.

    Part 2 contains chapters 3-5 and details how teams can draw on the protocols in part 1 by examining three model units related to ratios and proportional reasoning, one for each grade level. Chapter 3 outlines how a sixth-grade team can plan a unit related to ratios and unit rate. Chapter 4 looks at how a seventh-grade team can plan an effective unit for proportional reasoning. Chapter 5 focuses on an example of an eighth-grade team planning a unit for linear functions.

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    “This book intentionally guides collaborative teams of teachers through a thorough unit-planning process that ensures deep grade-level mathematics learning for every student. This process is critical for teacher teams collectively believing that every student can learn challenging mathematics content, and collectively committing to addressing the specific learning needs of individual students. Every collaborative teacher team can benefit from the unit-planning resources provided in this book to build deeper, common understandings of the most essential mathematics learnings and shared ownership of student success in learning.”
    -Becky Walker, Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Innovation, Howard-Suamico School District, Wisconsin

    “Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work, Grades 6-8 answers the question, 'What must we do in our team planning to make a difference for our students?' From planning essential learning standards to recording reflections and notes, this comprehensive text provides guidance for collaborative PLC teams to develop necessary structures for the critical work of planning and implementing common units.”
    -John W. Staley, NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education President 2015-2017, United States National Commission for Mathematics Instruction Chair 2018-2020

    “The PLC at Work books are incredible but just got better with the addition of this book to the set. Its focus on mathematics unit planning is a natural complement to the arc of the series. The framing and connection to DuFour and DuFour's four critical questions for a PLC establish the need for the book and lay out a logical flow that is practical for users to apply and learn from. As a university mathematics education professor and professional development provider, I believe this book, with its emphasis on mathematics and useful examples of tools and templates for PLC teacher teams, is an excellent contribution to the field.”
    -Janet Tassell, Associate Professor, School of Teacher Education, Western Kentucky University

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