Upcoming “Best Of” Issues

  • Upcoming "Best of" Issues

    As NCTM prepares for the January 2020 launch of the exciting new monthly journal Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK—12 (MTLT), we are pleased to provide members with three dynamic digital publications featuring curated content from past issues of Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Mathematics Teacher. These three special digital publications will give readers the opportunity to consider how important topics are addressed across the PK-12 continuum.

    Each “Best of” issue includes twelve articles as well as an introduction by one of the lead authors of the ground-breaking Principles to Actions Ensuring Mathematical Success For All. The introductions will serve as a refresher on the Mathematics Teaching Practices addressed in each issue and set the tone for reading the selected articles in each compilation.

    NCTM members will receive an email in early July, September, and November with instructions on how to access each digital “Best of” issue. Members should make sure that their correct email address is on file with NCTM. Please note that the “Best of” publications are available in digital format only.

    Mini Bundle Questions

    The Best of TCM, MTMS and MT on Questions, Discourse, and Evidence

    Available July 2019

    Mini Bundles Fluency

    The Best of TCM, MTMS and MT on Fluency, Understanding, and Productive Struggle

    Available September 2019

    Mini Bundles GoalsThe Best of TCM, MTMS and MT on Goals, Tasks, and Representations

    Available November 2019