Conference Strands

  • Conference Strands

    All sessions, workshops, and bursts are submitted to unique topic strands developed
    by the Program Committee:

    Teaching Strategies That Promote Learning

    Presentations will provide opportunities for participants to explore, identify, and/or develop high-quality mathematical tasks and instructional practices, as well as learn how to integrate them into existing practices.

    Access and Equity for Students

    Presentations will investigate social justice, access, identity, and equity issues as well as effective methodologies aimed at addressing the needs of our diverse range of learners in an effort to ensure their success in today's mathematics classrooms.

    Empowering Your Mathematics Curriculum

    Presentations will examine the key mathematical ideas and the importance of coherent learning progressions that foster mathematical connections within or between grades and the real world.

    Incorporating Mathematical Tools and Technology

    Presentations will focus on current and innovative practices that incorporate the strategic use of mathematical tools and/or technology that enhance students' learning and understanding of mathematics.

    Assessment of and for Learning

    Presentations will emphasize best practices related to formative, diagnostic, and summative assessment and how to interpret and use the results before, during, and after instruction.

    Cultivating Professional Collaboration and Growth

    Presentations will focus on and explore ways to bring teachers together to create communities to support effective mathematics teaching through meaningful collaboration and ongoing professional learning.

    Florida Showcase: Mathematics in Action

    Presentations will highlight the innovative work happening in Florida's classrooms as well as the state-level policy issues that impact our work.