ShadowCon 2017 Speaker Videos

  • Because of its growing popularity and overwhelming demand, over the last three years we've made it part of the NCTM Annual Meeting experience. 

    ShadowCon V3.0

    April 6, 2017

    This year's ShadowCon once again highlights some of NCTM's best speakers, on topics as diverse as academic language and technological integration. The goal of ShadowCon is to expand access to and extend your engagement with their ideas. So each speaker's 10-minute talk will serve as a preview for a free ten-week online course. The event is organized and hosted by Dan Meyer, Mike Flynn, and Zachary Champagne. 

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    Individual Speaker Presentations

    Introduction - Dan Meyer

    Seeing Students Who Hide - Cathy Yenca

    The Mathematical Heart - Anurupa Ganguly

    Math Play - Kassia Wedekind

    The Art of Mathematical Anthropology - Geoff Krall

    Closing – Mike Flynn and Zak Champagne

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